Cufflink Omaseko 34 in onyx black
23. February 2019
Cufflinks type Maseko 36 with cabochon stone in blue-achat or onyx black
26. May 2019
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Cufflinks colomaseko 31 with cabochon stones in blue-achat or onyx black

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The model Colomaseko 31 has its base in the design of Omaseko 23. Especially for our colours aware customers we created a design with special areas for colours. Depends on the customer wish we diversify the colour areas in combination with the cabochon stone in the design center.

Choose your favorite colour combination and buy this cufflinks now!


Details as to Colomaseko 31:

dimensions (appr.): width 36 mm x height 18 mm

weight (appr.): 18 gramme per pair

size of the stones: Ø 12 mm

finest cufflink mechanic

material: Sterling Silver 925

The extravagant cufflinks from Sacinu are based on their own design language and design philosophy. This creates special buttons like the Colomaseko 31, which give your shirt a special touch. You will love to stand out with your extravagant and unique cufflinks and make a fashion statement. The cufflinks of the Colomaseko category also contaic colour-coordinated surfaces that guarantee a further eye-catcher effect.

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