We offer you cufflinks with eye-catcher function


Our Philosophy

Welcome to Sacinu. My name is Norman Fluck and I am the creative head of Sacinu. Our cufflinks are unique. We play with the shapes, tune the surfaces to the inlays, brave the size of the buttons and use new materials in the area of the inlays. The arrangement of the mechanics is tuned to the buttons to map the dynamics of the shapes on the cuff. The unmistakable design philosophy and design language give the cufflinks from Sacinu an immediate recognition value. We want to stand out from the crowd and break new ground. The motto of Sacinu: "be different, special and unique". Every brand is looking for their USP. We have found our USP for you: unmistakable and extraordinary design ideas from Sacinu for your outfit.

We create small works of art that adorn our customers.

Our buttons are larger than those available on the market, yet elegant at the same time as the open design and grid structure make the button appear airy. At the same time, especially the symmetrical models fix the cuff, stabilize it and prevent it from opening.

Complete the outfit with the cufflinks by Sacinu

The design by Sacinu gives the cufflink a new lease of life. Become unique with our cufflinks. Show sovereignty and underline your individual appearance.

The 3D-effect ensures the right pep in the design of our buttons. The struts and structures have beautiful tensions and bring the forms to advantage.

Make a statement with our stylish cufflinks.

We vary the composition of the surface, depending on the nature of the inlays. For example, cufflinks with leather inlays have a combination of glossy and frosted surface. This underlines the somewhat robust character of the Lemaseko model series. Cufflinks with shiny and sparkling stones get a particularly fine surface. This underlines the somewhat nobler character of the corresponding button models. Nice examples can be found in the Zimaseko series.

We value details. A special example is the design of the Zimaseko 2. The struts were integrated into the tension of the arch and is beautifully reflected in the setting of the zirconia stone again. In addition, the button on the cuff is slightly bevelled worn so that the shape of the design is even more effective.

Our cufflinks are packed in a beautiful jewelry case. The jewelry case is black on the outside and inside. It has a soft velour wadding and is lined with satin inside. The jewelry case is closed with a flap lid. Each jewelry case receives a white sliding sleeve for protection. Additionally wrapped in a velvet bag, your cufflink waits for you to be carried proudly by you again next time.